The Peace of Solitude

by Arrant Saudade

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God of shadows I think I was one of the first to experience listening to the song "Only The Dead" when it was released on youtube. Right there and then I fell in love with the song, and I listened on it repeatedly for at least a whole day.
To be able to listen to the whole album today is one of the best experiences I'll have, and I know I'm just sounding like a fanboy now, but I'm truly thankful for not being deaf. Truly beautiful music indeed. Favorite track: Only the Dead.
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    The band was formed in 2015 by Riccardo (Aphonic Threnody, Gallow God), Hangsvart (Abysmal Growls Of Despair, Plagueprayer) and Juan (Astorvoltaires, Aphonic Threnody). The first album will feature 5 tracks and is entitled "The Peace of Solitude". The band has tried to keep a Funeral Doom feel to the music but really open up the sound of the instruments and give each part its own story within the songs.

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The band was formed in 2015 by Riccardo (Aphonic Threnody, Gallow God), Hangsvart (Abysmal Growls Of Despair, Plagueprayer) and Juan (Astorvoltaires, Aphonic Threnody). The first album will feature 5 tracks and is entitled "The Peace of Solitude". The band has tried to keep a Funeral Doom feel to the music but really open up the sound of the instruments and give each part its own story within the songs.


One thing I really appreciate about the sound on this album is that the guitar tone, especially when clean, doesn't stay the same through the whole album. This isn't a thrash record; this isn't a death metal record. The emotional tone of each song is in some way reflected in the difference in guitar tone. Some songs use more open and ethereal chords that have a murky and reverbed quality. Some of the clean guitars sound like twinkling bells. And each time this band uses those subtle tweaks of the knobs it is appreciated by my ears. And at less than 45 minutes this is a doom record that doesn't overstay its welcome, which is sometimes a symptom of a musical style that lends itself to long-winded passages through dark corridors. This is as approachable as the funeral doom style gets, and definitely earns my recommendation." -

"The result is yet another record that in its simplicity penetrates and deposits its seeds of darkness in the depths of us is brutally sensitive. "The Peace Of Solitude" is, needless to say, like nearly every other work that involves some of the artists in question, one of the best releases of the year that usually comes to an end.
Solemn melody, pitch black and bleak as the winter of the English countryside windswept, the debut of an album Arrant Saudade is absolutely over the top for quality and emotional power. Keyboards Escobar depict images of Finnish school, Shape Of Despair of all, while the uvula of Hangsvart bubbling to the same depth as that of Antti Boman, creating a contrast of the past truly remarkable; link between two elements so antithetical on paper, the guitar of Veronese, will offer riffs weight megalithic as well rhythmic softer - for a disc funeral - and even an unexpected solo ("No Dream Left In Me")". - Aristocrazia Webzine

"Beauty and sorrow is reflected amazingly well in this release with the use of traditional instruments (Piano,Violin), angelic female and cleaner vocals. Epic tracks convey emotion especially well." - Thy Demons Be Scribblin

"Last February I reviewed Aphonic Threnody’s very beautiful album “When Death Comes”. Their guitarist/bassist Riccardo Veronese and keyboardist Juan Escobar C strike again with Arrant Saudade, which, as in the case of Aphonic Threnody, is a binding of people with different nationalities who write and play music under the banner of funeral doom metal. Besides the Italian Riccardo (guitars) and Juan from Chile (keys, bass, drums and backing vocals), in the band we also find Frenchman Aimeric Hangsvart on vocals. Their music shares, on its basis, much common ground with Aphonic Threnody, however, “Peace of Solitude” sounds as if it focuses more on melody and melancholy. In order to make this work, the band uses male and female melodic vocals which combine with the sardonic harsh ones, producing sound clusters which we have often enjoyed in the past by many melodic doom/death bands. Moreover, the atmospheric parts – with the use of keys, the harping guitars and the vocals in the form of whispers or chants, together with the amazing sound and use of the bass, which is a vivid member of the song-building, infuse an intensely murky and depressive scenery. I’d say that the romanticism that floats on the air throughout the album, dictates that we place them among the atmospheric doom death genre rather than funeral doom. Their sound is glued to the 90’s, with rather minimalistic production and sound, which, in my opinion, faithfully serves the band’s principle of creating a landscape of sadness and despair, where no ornamentation is justified. The record consists of five songs, which radiate only sorrow and pain. I rest with all further details. You can listen to the album via bandcamp below… And winter is on its way…" - Metal Invader

"This one of those albums that the average person would call atmospheric, esoteric, mood music, and any and all other sorts of qualifiers to basically tell you that if you're looking for verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus...
Well you're just not going to find it here. It's nearly Halloween and let's pull back the veil.
Peace of Solitude starts off, not with thunder, but with a gentle breeze. Piano played like twinkling star welcome us into what comes.
Even though the first song clocks in over eight minutes, see below for the youtube video, no one has to wait long for the punishing vocals that are just behind the rising moon.

Mournful, brooding, and growled.
Though often sung in concert with the gentle piano, this not a mellow album. Though it feels like you're walking through the miasma, this album is not overbearing. There's a beautiful female voice that takes over from time to time, in the utmost juxtaposition, as the growls are accompanied by gentle piano, the gentle female vocals are supported by crunchy guitars and pounding basses.The songs languish somewhere between dead and dying. Sometimes both and neither.
This the ugliest melodic music I have ever heard, or the most melodious ugly music. It's something that transcends simple songwriting.
The chill in the air is real." - Glaciallymusical.blogspot

"And when you do hit play, it starts off gently with piano, and then slowly awakens a the sleeping spirit of despair.
Slow, drawn-out and dripping with lost hope, these 5 songs take 44 minutes out of your life only to replace them with a very real and visceral sense of woe and misery.
Monstrous vocals are deep and unrelenting, growling their way through the solitude of the music like brutal and unwelcome guests.
So far, so Funeral Doom. But then Arrant Saudade do the unexpected and introduce clean vocals, and suddenly everything changes. Sometimes ethereal and sometimes sombre, these choir-like vocals are expertly performed and perfectly judged. When the angelic cleans soar above the beautiful music and seem to join with the resplendent melodies to create something greater than the sum of its Funeral Doom parts…it makes quite an impact I can tell you. Post-Funeral Doom? Sure, why not.
At any rate, the heavenly cleans and the dreamy, melancholic music seem to wash over you like liquid sound and it really is an uplifting and transcendent experience in many ways." - Wonderbox Metal

"Slow progress continues and "Feel Like you Shadow" has its time. For me this is one of the best disk, because we have a very interesting counterpoint here, in addition to vocalísticas variations between guttural and clean, bringing us that melancholy peace. "The Peace of Solitude" is also another powerful group, we can find some piano lines here and there, but the highlight are the vocalizations operatic in the background while the vocal cleaner abuses the melancholy feeling and will choking you every second that track progresses." - Funeral Wedding Blogsopt

"Here we discover a band with a lot of commitment and dedication to the sensitive music, undressing our guts.
While this band is quite young, experience is embodied in their guitars, keyboards and vocals that create the unshakable pillar supporting this work. Our vision takes us into silent melancholy endless trails, extensive stopped in search of peace ... this is tragic sonica The Peace of Application in the subtle shades that has finally seen the light at the outside noise in these days of October, and by emerging spring flowers come to decorate its extensive expression in this Funeral" - Silenciososonidos.blogspot

"Funeral doom-death: a melodic line, painful and suffocating the same time, broken only by a merciless growl and sudden glimpses of flickering light represented by melancholy strokes of the guitar" - Eyezine

"Arrant Saudade plays funeral doom in the most depressing sense of the word funeral. The music is glacier slow, and emanates music that is utterly depressing and dark. The riffs are slow and low, while the drumming is rhythmic and comes off as depressing as well. Who knew that drums could be so melancholy? Well it turns out that these drums can be and are very melancholy. The vocals presented here on The Peace of Solitude are incredibly deep and monstrous in delivery. The growls are deep and carried out slowly and powerfully, and backed by these possessed vocals are choir like vocals. Music is meant to make you feel a certain way, and Arrant Saudade really make you feel as if you are at a funeral, or just in a depressed state in general. As the hypnotic clean vocals run through your head, you end up feeling like you are haunted by ghosts of the past that are here to cross you over to the other side. Other than being completely bleak and disparaging, the music itself is beautifully composed, and sounds like death is whispering sweet nothings into your ear. Don’t resist your fate, succumb to the darkness as you feel death’s cold hand reaching out for yours." - CadaverGarden


released October 1, 2015

Band Members
Hangsvart - Vocals
Riccardo Veronese - Guitars
Juan Escobar C - Keys, Bass, Drums & Backing Vocals

Guest Vocalist - Sophie Boudier on Only the Dead & The Peace of Solitude.

Guest Guitarist - Josh Moran courtesy of Vacant Eyes on Drifting Reality.

Mixing and Mastering by Juan Escobar C & Smokers Room Recording Studio.

Artwork by Inextremiss Photography /



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Arrant Saudade London, UK

Arrant Saudade was formed in 2015 by Riccardo Veronese (Aphonic Threnody), Hangsvart (Abysmal Growls of Despair) and Juan Escobar C (Aphonic Threnody). They began work on the debut album entitled “The Peace of Solitude”. The music can be described as a passage of sorrow and pain. Each instrument tells its own story and the band tried to make sure this was brought out in the production and mixes. ... more

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